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Secure, Fast, and Energy-Saving Consensus Mechanism with Legal Identity

The main purpose of consensus is to collaborate all decentralized nodes to work
together with the same running program and the same updating database. Many
public blockchain systems, associated with public nodes, are currently raising the
issue of high energy consumption within their total community, racing for producing a
new data block. Some blockchain systems may avoid this issue by limiting the certain
number of their nodes, to produce and validate a new data block.

Angelchain, caring about energy consumption and global warming whilst
believing in true decentralization with public participation, has allowed the
certified nodes with legal identity to participate in the consensus mechanism by taking
turns to produce and validate a new data block.

A new certified node will be added, associated with an algorithm for forming a set of
100 nodes, into the list of a group. Each group will be automatically and publically
allocated, in the queue, to the sequence of 100 coming data blocks. The current
situation of a node being disqualified is taking into account of the algorithm.

With this mechanism, it prevents all nodes, over the world, to do the redundant
work of producing a new data block. Moreover, it is more difficult for a malicious
user to insert its fault data block into the system since the block stores the node ID
of its producer. The node ID of the producer must be a qualified node with legal identity
and within the announced assignment of the data block production. Therefore, all
nodes in the community can easily validate a new coming data block, associated
with the node ID stored within, before recording it into its database system. We
name this consensus mechanism Queued Proof of Stake or QPoS.

Copy of Angel Time Signature v1.jpg

In order to validate the integrity of the digital signature, the validator would use the public keys provided in the digital certificate to decrypt the completed file for a hash value. If the hash matches the original, then it is the authentic version.

Why Angelchain?

Patented Digital Signature

Angel Time Co., Ltd. holds a patent for the "Digital Signature System for the Whole Process of Justice" granted by the Department of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Commerce, Thailand, filed on 12 December 2012.


Each step of the process is transparent, timestamped, and verifiable. As the CA, Angel Time serves as the guarantor with the support of lawyers in legal proceedings

Securely kept on Blockchain

We specialize in Blockchain technology and are using the second version of the Angelchain, our own patented multidimensional blockchain invention.

Trusted by the Lawyers Council

We are honored to be providing electronic lawyer licenses and digital signatures to the Lawyers Council Under the Royal Patronage of Thailand.

PDPA Compliant

We take rigorous measures to ensure our technology solutions are compliant with the Personal Data Compliant Act and other legal standards for digital transactions

Legal Tech

With experts in technology and law on our team, we ensure technological solutions that are compliant with the laws in Thailand. The validity of our signatures in regard to legal proceedings can be supported by the Electronic Transactions Act B.E. 2544, Sections 26-31, as our experts have extensively studied the laws involved to ensure our solutions hold up in the court of law.

We can ensure that your contracts will be legally binding and are ready to provide support in legal proceedings involving the use of our digital signature.


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