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Secure, Flexible Blockchain Solution for both Business and Personal Use Cases

Angelchain promotes the rise of community in the digital world, with communication and legal right enabling. The stored data is definitely attached to a user or users with a legal identity. In the real world, the Angelchain community would need to accomplish many particular aspects, to which we have designed our blockchain mechanism in mind.

Business Chain


The Business Chain is a variety of blockchain lines in which each serves its own purpose of business objectives within its community. It could support business transactions and records for various industry types, such as education, environment, medical & healthcare, agriculture, commercial, sport & entertainment, art & collection items, fashion & jewelry, government services, insurance, and bank & finance.

The special things are that they can (1) communicate with each other, across the chain line. Furthermore, they have options for additional enhancement with (2) the privacy control to comply with GDPR and (3) the privilege to sign or authorize a transaction by a having-right person within the community.


Equipped with its Smart Contract engine, Business Chain shall be implemented to fulfill the complicated requirements of each industry type.


The B-Ringbus is a communication path for data exchange among Business Chains. It is designed for two lanes of data expectation; the receiver and the provider. Once the receiver gets the right signal from the provider, it triggers the data transmission between two data blocks. If it is matched, the Smart Contract will execute the program accordingly.


The standardization of data structure, presenting in those two lanes, and a mechanism of data-matched checking are designed the balance memory usage, security, and fast response. It is defined in many dimensions and many categories with their sub-levels, including the purpose of data use, timing, and conditions.

Ring Gate

The Ring Gate is a control point of each Business Chain whether it will be leveraged with Control Chain or not, and to which degree. This would align with the laws and regulations, of each industry’s practice. Some Business Chains may allow it with certain conditions, for example, the data owner can delete his/her data stored in the data block per the “right to be forgotten” of GDPR after a free of any certain engagement.


This is a desirable option for a business owner to implement its Business Chain and stored all secure data, which also has a greater Control Chain to manage and fulfill a data owner’s requirement according to GDPR compliance.

Control Chain

The Control Chain helps to leverage each Business Chain with greater options for promoting the personal privacy and personal authority associated with his/her rights and legal compliance. Control Chain comprises at least two sets; one is to comply with GDPR and the other is to promote each person’s authority within the community.

1st Set: Many Control Chains support the options, aligning with GDPR and legal compliance, for a person whose personal data is stored in the data block to be manipulated accordingly to his or her rights. These features do not break the original chains (or hash values) but create another layer on the control chain for the administration.

2nd Set: Personal Authority Chains promote the right of a person within a certain community or an organization to execute an electronic action associated with his/her given authorization.


This will leverage the use of the Business Chain to the privacy level and legal effect of those transactions and records within its data block.


The C-Ringbus is a communication path for data exchange among Control Chains. It is, similar to B-Ringbus, designated to two lanes of data expectation; the receiver and the provider. The structure of data, for communication, is defined in many dimensions and in many categories with their sub-levels. Once the receiver gets the right signal from the provider, it triggers direct communication between those two data blocks.


This will support the expansion of the Control Chain to serve many purposes, or in the further complications of conditions. Realizing across countries, throughout the various laws and regulations, the C-Ringbus associated with the standardization of data structure, presenting in those two lanes, could administrate all data transactions effectively.

Master Chain

Each Business Chain and Control Chain will produce their data blocks, adding to their blockchain lines every second, according to their business or control purpose. They all can communicate and exchange data via B-Ringbus and C-Ringbus. However, to confirm their existence, with their uniqueness and correction, the identity of each data block will be stored in Master Chain. If there is a conflict of its existing, the process of investigation will then apply to search for the root cause of the discrepancy.

Personal Chain

With the variety of data blocks that one person could create and own the stored data throughout a multiple of Business Chain and Control Chain, it would be much more convenient and effective for use if one can focus and trace only those of his/her data block via Personal Chain system.


Personal Chain will link all data blocks of one particular person so that he/she can take a look all in one blockchain line. Each user will have his/her own Personal Chain line. One person is for one line, and vice versa. The user can get into any certain data block within his/her Personal Chain line and interact with the stored data associated with the right of the data owner and regulation compliance.

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Why Angelchain?

Multidimensional Blockchain

We create blockchain solutions that would be able to solve real world problems, which is why it is essential that our chains are able to communicate to one another and to other blockchains as well.

Energy-Saving Consensus

Due to climate concerns with the traditional consensus mechanism, we've designed a Queued Proof of Stake system. Nodes with legal identities is our key to establish a secure, fast, and energy-efficient consensus mechanism.
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Personal Chain

Each person has their own world, and likewise, their own personal blockchain. We believe blockchain shouldn't be limited to coporate use cases, which is why we've developed personal blockchain solutions tied to legal identities to serve individuals as well.

The Community shall Grow on the Basis of Security, Benefit and Fairness for the Member's C

Angelchain Community

We aim to provide our community security and benefit to those coming members with fair treatment. The Angelchain Constitute, along with the governance and regulations, are established to cover the activities, participation, and contributions in all aspects. The definition of powers, duties, and rights of community members will be agreed upon, guaranteed, and announced publicly.


The benefit of participation and contribution, likewise the penalty of revoking the benefit, will be a key factor for those who join and follow the Angelchain Community's governance and regulations. We established the constitution, governance, and regulations for the growth and the glory of innovation and development of digitally decentralization data with legal effect.



A donation and fundraising DApp. All transactions are securely stored on Angel Time's blockchain with legal effects.

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